Elementor #2929

What a day!

Brand identity design, art direction & graphic design solutions

Creating identity
design with a both analytic
& playful approach
to direct the design
solution for the customer and client

Expertise within design development,

maintenance and further development of

large scalable identity concepts, made for

fashion brands, beauty products, packaging

design and overall brand universes.

Visual ID & art direction
Graphic design


Brand identity

Änglamark, Coop


Larry vs Harry

Brand identity

Dødsrejsen til Hels Klint

Editorial · Typography · Layout

Rebuilt Performance

Brand identity


Brand identity

Vaerkstedet – Handcrafted Fine Jewellery

Brand identity

Emma Go Copenhagen

Brand identity

Matas Natur

Beauty · Packaging

Active by Charlotte

Beauty · Packaging

Pedersens Udvalgte

Brand identity

Nordic Superfood

Beauty · Packaging


Beauty · Packaging

Rikke Nyboe

Beauty · Packaging

Rønsbøl Clinic

Beauty · Packaging

Å I Ö Soundings

Brand identity

Giv Livet Videre

Brand identity

Matas Sports Care

Beauty · Packaging

Typodarium 2015


Mor-Karens Haandstrik

Brand identity

I've had the pleasure also to design for following clients:

Arbejdermuseet, Københavns Kommune, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Packwise, Larry vs Harry, Venture Cup, EPIC Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference, Karamelleriet, Sincera, IO Gates,  ATLAS magazine, Esbjerg Ensemble, Logic Artists etc.


Are you interested in making a collaboration or looking for a designer for your product or idea, please feel free to get in touch.


Feel free to get in touch regarding any kind of design solutions you might be looking for!

Graphic designer & art director

Ida Sejlund


Blågårdsgade 3

2200 Copenhagen N


+45 30290248