Änglamark, Coop

An unique and environmental friendly packaging design for Änglamark detergent product line
Design of bottle and cap for Änglamark detergents product line.

Industrial design: Bottle and cap

Änglamark wanted to reinvent their bottles for detergents.

The Änglamark customers are very aware of what they choose, the use (no waste) and the environment. Therefore the bottle was constructed with some clear ideas derived from a number of informants informations (of the previous packaging design): “It’s annoying that the liquid always spills down the sides”, “it’s hard to get the last part out of the bottle” and “it is a very unclear dosage”.

— Made in collaboration with Coop, Nopa Nordic and Packwise

The redesigned bottle has a clear and simple shape, that speaks to the simplicity of the Änglamark customer; both to look good at home and to stand out on the shelf.

It has a unique squeeze-cap, that makes it easier to dosage the right amount of detergent, it does not spill or makes sticky sides and it can stand upside down to make sure every last drop can be used. 

The plastic of the bottle is made from 100% reused plastic. The cap differentiates content by the colour scheme of the product line.