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13. oktober 2022 Brand identity


Ikke kategoriseret Visual identity developed for the biking chef “cykelkokken”. A gastronomic ride through copenhagen! Strategy Ikke kategoriseret Designers Ida Client 1 / Cykelkokken Visual id Cykelkokken is a chef on a cargo bike, he has simply built a kitchen on the bike! The references of the visual identity is the bicycle wheel, the flames…

8. november 2021 Brand identity

Rebuilt Performance

Ikke kategoriseret Rebuilt performance – protein powder made from superfoods and minerals Strategy Ikke kategoriseret Designers Ida Client Frederik McDowell / Packwise / 1 Packaging design Identity, packaging and label design for protein powders. The brand and products are invented by Frederik McDowell, a young ambitious guy with great visions! — Identity, packaging and label…

20. august 2018 Brand identity

Vaerkstedet – Handcrafted Fine Jewellery

august 2018 Visual identity – logo & branding – for the Jewellery workshop and shop, Vaerkstedet Strategy Brand identity Designers Ida Client Vaerkstedet ApS 1 Logo design and visual guidance in-store and printed POS The logo design is a contemporary and youthful take on a high-end fine jewellery shop. It emphasizes feminine elegance and simplicity….

1. februar 2018 Brand identity

Emma Go Copenhagen

februar 2018 Logo redesign, shoe collections designer and shoes design consultant in collaboration with owner Martin Spandet. Layout and design on Line Sheets, shoe-box content, posters etc. Strategy Brand identity Designers Ida Client Emma Go ApS 1 Visual identity & brand core Visual identity redesign and brand core design on both printed material and shoe…

25. juli 2017 Beauty · Packaging

Active by Charlotte

juli 2017 Product line identity for clean and certified sports products by Charlotte Bircow. Made in collaboration with Karen Dirks. Strategy Beauty · Packaging, Brand identity Designers Ida Client Active by Charlotte 1 ACTIVE by Charlotte The products are designed to fit both men and women, so the design for the bottles were created to…

25. juli 2017 Brand identity

Pedersens Udvalgte

juli 2017 Identity and packaging design for the vegetable line called “pedersens udvalgte”. With the identity and packaging design the aim was to make vegetables looking more playful and up-to-date. the colour scheme should fit the colours of the vegetables and look nice and modern. Strategy Brand identity Packaging design Designers Ida Client 1 –…

18. juni 2017 Beauty · Packaging

Nordic Superfood

Beauty · Packaging, Brand identity nordic superfood by myrberg. brand identity, logo, packaging design concept and layout Strategy Beauty · Packaging Brand identity Designers Ida Client Linda Myrberg/ 1 Good Product Clean and simple products takes a clean and simple design. — made in collaboration with Karen dirks Logo design, packaging design concept and layout…

1. februar 2016 Beauty · Packaging


februar 2016 Logo & emblem design. Packaging design with guidance of bottle choices, colours and print on bottles and boxes Strategy Beauty · Packaging Brand identity Designers Ida Client Mol & B / 1 Mansion of love and beauty Designing packagings for Mol & B consisted of 4 products to begin with: Multifunctional Regenerating Cream,…

2. januar 2016 Beauty · Packaging

Rikke Nyboe

Beauty · Packaging, Brand identity Rikke nyboe body care products line. design of identity and packagings: labels and boxes. Strategy Beauty · Packaging Brand identity Designers Ida Client 1 – Rikke Nyboe body care beauty line The Body Care products line consists of a selection of different products within a specific scent. Cotton and Flonel. …

2. februar 2015 Beauty · Packaging

Care by Alexandra Cecilie

Beauty · Packaging, Brand identity Identity design for body care products Strategy Beauty · Packaging Brand identity Designers Ida Client 1 / Alexandra Cecilie Body care massage products Warm Care and Cool Care are two products with special developed formulas made for massage that goes deep into the body. — Made in collaboration with Karen…

1. februar 2015 Beauty · Packaging

Matas Natur med Havtorn & Blåbær

emballagedesign og labels Strategy Beauty · Packaging Brand identity Designers Ida Client 1 / Matas Matas Natur – Havtorn & blåbær The product line with sea buckthorn and blueberries is designed with a soft underlying tone paired with fresh tones derived from the content colours.   — Made in collaboration with Karen Dirks The design was…

7. januar 2015 Brand identity

BULLITT by Larry vs Harry

Brand identity From when the bullitt was born, back in 2008 Strategy Brand identity Designers Ida Client 1 / Larry vs Harry Good Product The first fast cargo bike on two wheels was born in 2008 – The Bullitt. All graphics, logos and colours were created to make the bike looking like nothing else in…

17. august 2008 Brand identity

EPIC 2008

august 2008 Back in 2008 i got the chance to design the logo and identity for the epic conference. The year’s theme was “Being seen: Paradoxes and praxises of (in)visibility”. Hence the logo inspired from eye-mind tricks. Strategy Brand identity Designers Ida Client 1 – EPIC Logo design Derived from eye-mind tricks the inspiration of…